How to Setup VPN for Mac

There are plenty of ways to setup VPN for Mac. Below is one the basic methods that require no installation of additional software. If you would like an easy way to setup VPN for Mac, you may download the software here.

Setting VPN for Mac

You can configure VPN for Mac settings on your Mac OS for any of the VPN protocols, for example, we have used IPSec. Prior to establishing the connection, you would require a VPN provider, with a registered user, password and VPN server IP, as given at the time of VPN registration.

VPN for Mac

  1. Start the process by clicking the “System preferences” pane.
  2. In the window, search for Internet & Network heading and click “Network”
  3. In the Network configuration window, look out for ‘+’ at the bottom left. Click the sign to get the configuration screen to establish new VPN connection
  4. In the Service name field, select VPN (L2TP)
  5. Set the configuration option to default and click ‘Create’
  6. Input the server address, provided by your VPN vendor
  7. Write account name of your choice
  8. Click Authentication Settings at the bottom
  9. Enter the given password in the first option under “User Authentication”
  10. Under “Machine Authentication”, Click “Shared Secret” and type IPSec Preshared Key by the VPN provider
  11. Click ‘OK’ and return to the Network window
  12. Click ‘Advanced’ and check “Send All Traffic Over VPN Connection” and then clock ‘OK’
  13. Click “Connect’ to establish the connection with VPN for Mac
  14. Check the current status of your connection and start using the internet in the total hiding

Are There Any Easy Way to Setup VPN for Mac?

Yes, if the above steps are too complicated to you, you may take a look on this post. It is the easiest way to setup VPN for Mac so far, just download a software and do a few mouse clicks only.

By VPN for Mac team.

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