The Easiest Way to Setup VPN for Mac

If you are looking for VPN for Mac provider, click here to visit HMA VPN. It cost $7/month and fully supports Mac and iOS.

You may find a lot of articles showing how to setup VPN for Mac. Traditionally you need to manually enter a bunch of information to connect the VPN server. Once you want to switch to other VPN server, you have to do it all over again. If you are tired of doing the settings manually, here comes the Easiest way to setup VPN for Mac.

HMA VPN is by far the most famous and robust personal VPN service. It costs me around USD 7 per month for an annual contract. It comes with a software client that create connection to over 240 VPN servers with a few clicks only.

Step 1. Register an user account in HMA VPN, which cost $7/month with 30 days money back guarantee.

Step 2. Login HMA VPN and download the client software for Mac.
VPN for Mac

Step 3. Install the client software, enter user and password, and get connected. Thats it.

VPN for Mac

What to do with VPN for Mac?

  • With VPN for Mac installed, you may watch Netflix and Hulu outside US. Click here to learn about it.
  • You can stay safe when using public WIFI spot in hotel, airport and cafe.
  • You can unblock access to Facebook and Twitter in some environments like the company network, or at school.
  • You can listen to your favorite Last.FM or Pandora if you are travelling aboard.
  • You can watch live soccer show or other UK TV shows with BBC iPlayer if you connect to UK VPN server.
  • You may even download files for free from file hosting companies like Rapidshare, by switching your VPN IP periodically.
  • There are huge possibility of using VPN for Mac to make things works and save money. It is limited by your imagination only.

Once again, here is the link to HMA VPN for Mac.

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How to Setup VPN for Mac

There are plenty of ways to setup VPN for Mac. Below is one the basic methods that require no installation of additional software. If you would like an easy way to setup VPN for Mac, you may download the software here.

Setting VPN for Mac

You can configure VPN for Mac settings on your Mac OS for any of the VPN protocols, for example, we have used IPSec. Prior to establishing the connection, you would require a VPN provider, with a registered user, password and VPN server IP, as given at the time of VPN registration.

VPN for Mac

  1. Start the process by clicking the “System preferences” pane.
  2. In the window, search for Internet & Network heading and click “Network”
  3. In the Network configuration window, look out for ‘+’ at the bottom left. Click the sign to get the configuration screen to establish new VPN connection
  4. In the Service name field, select VPN (L2TP)
  5. Set the configuration option to default and click ‘Create’
  6. Input the server address, provided by your VPN vendor
  7. Write account name of your choice
  8. Click Authentication Settings at the bottom
  9. Enter the given password in the first option under “User Authentication”
  10. Under “Machine Authentication”, Click “Shared Secret” and type IPSec Preshared Key by the VPN provider
  11. Click ‘OK’ and return to the Network window
  12. Click ‘Advanced’ and check “Send All Traffic Over VPN Connection” and then clock ‘OK’
  13. Click “Connect’ to establish the connection with VPN for Mac
  14. Check the current status of your connection and start using the internet in the total hiding

Are There Any Easy Way to Setup VPN for Mac?

Yes, if the above steps are too complicated to you, you may take a look on this post. It is the easiest way to setup VPN for Mac so far, just download a software and do a few mouse clicks only.

By VPN for Mac team.

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What is OpenVPN Personal Service? | VPN for Mac

When it comes to Virtual Private Network, or VPN for Mac, you’ll frequently hear the word “OpenVPN”. An OpenVPN is the development of James Yonan, who designed open-source programming to be used with VPNs everywhere. Basically, customers can authenticate one another through the system, making certain that they’re indeed talking with who they feel they’re. Further, secrete keys, usernames, passwords, and authentication certifications be sure that the conversation, and then any files exchanged there, remains encoded and kept away from individuals trying to gain access to personal data. It is really an added layer of protection that employs a number of control features.

The OpenVPN option is the greatest VPN option available in the market, because it enables for seamless transfers despite fire walls or any other security methods. When used as a communicative tool, you are able to safeguard any ongoing conversations or file transfers you facilitate. All the same wonderful benefits of Virtual Private Network, or VPN for Mac are loved, however with the rise protective tools and helpful features, you are able to lift a few of the restrictions that some VPN for Mac services possess.

Thinking about an individual Open VPN for Mac?

Personal OpenVPN services are ideal for individuals that consistently travel or require an additional layer of security or versatility. You should use these systems by creating a free account using the provider, logging to their network, and hooking up to the web via their servers. Most not limit your bandwidth, and individuals that generally send large files or conduct personal conversations, should look for an individual OpenVPN option.

An individual OpenVPN is a terrific way to get incredible internet security without most of the lag issues that some, more populated, private systems experience. You are able to personalize most of the features the way you like, providing you with greater management for your web security, and permitting for straightforward transmission across fire walls along with other digital obstacles.

Customers which are generally on their own desktop computers can create a VPN for Mac that basically remains connected for those Internet browsing sessions. Ideal for Mac, iPad, Windows and Linux customers, you’ll enjoy world class security and incredible performance. With 256-bit file encryption, you does not need to be worried about the place of the network servers or latency issues. Because Internet security software remains probably the most key elements on the web today, safeguarding your data, passwords, files, and browsing history will help you avoid hackers, and get rid of the chances that the accounts is going to be compromised. VPN for Mac could help you to boost up your online protection right away.

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Benefits of VPN for Mac

Virtual Private Network for Mac, generally known as VPN for Mac, is definitely an inspiration on tunneling. The packets are built-in VPN format and then transformed into other protocol’s company. Next, individuals packets are sent among VPN server and customer with decoding on receiving part. VPN for Mac could exist with any country’s IP. Upon request, the provider can setup the specific VPN using its particular IP for just about any of individuals nations along with add-on services and benefits of the clients.

Probably the most amazing areas of VPN for Mac would be to let someone customize the IP wherever you’re when you’re in business trip or traveling. Once you customize the IP, you can utilize the system to surf individuals websites which are strictly because of its users only. is just one of TV Streaming Show Website in US, that is just for United State citizens. If you’re not US resident and you need to sign in this, you aren’t able to achieve this. Nonetheless, if you work with VPN for Mac in US, the IP will instantly switch to US IP. This will help you to surf this site because it already recognizes the United States UP. Besides, VPN for Mac can also be useful for accessing Twitter and Facebook if you’re in China because they blocked these web sites there.

Nowadays, people always try to get the best way of preventing others monitoring us throughout surfing. VPN for Mac is going to be among the best solutions on safeguarding this. It can benefit to safeguard and prevent the Internet Service Provider from the website’s owner to trace our activities throughout surfing. The way in which VPN for Mac performs this is to create a reference to the server only and won’t inform those activities that you simply did. You will simply become an anonymous by hiding your real IP. Using a greater degree of VPN file encryption, it’ll cover your overall IP and safeguard inside your internet browsing. Consequently, nobody knows where you are because they just notice your VPN IP rather than the particular one. This will be significant especially throughout surfing at public areas via Wi-fi compatability Hotspot.

Besides these benefits, you may also enjoy cheaper Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls in comparison along with other Voice over Internet Protocol service companies for example Skype, which is among the most well-known one. Simply take a good example, someone from Singapore who’s employed in US, enjoy about 90% of lower cost by hooking up Pfingo (Top Voice over internet protocol Company in Singapore) with VPN match up against Skype. Additionally, you will enjoy higher quality calls applying this VPN service.

In addition, VPN for Mac does not need additional installation. Within the nutshell, VPN for Mac will provide several benefits that you’ll require and you’ll appreciate it certainly.

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